This starts by looking at the life of an educated and hard-working person giving all his time and energy to earn paychecks in the scenarios of heavy taxes and Inflation.

The story goes like this: A child is born and goes to school. The proud parents get excited when child gets good grades, and then child goes into a college. The child then graduates and maybe goes on further higher studies and then does exactly same as parents: looks for a safe and secure job.

The child then finds a private job or joins with government. The child now starts earning and then Credit Cards come into life and thereafter spending begins on credit.

Now child goes out to have fun with friends and get married. Life becomes happier because both husband and wife earn. The couple feels successful and goes for vacations; they decide to buy a Car, a Big size TV, Gadgets, expensive mobiles and then buy a house with new furniture. Now the thought of extending family comes in, which brings the need for more cash and now this happy couple decides to work harder and seek promotions for higher pay. Hard work brings high income and couple now feels to have another child and the need for a bigger house. Now they work even more hard, become more dedicated employees. Because of the fast changing world, the couple thinks to get more specialized skills to earn more money. Income goes up and also the tax bracket.

But they are surprised to see where all the money has gone even upon getting higher paycheck. They make multiple investments in FD, PPF, or in some mutual funds to secure themselves. By the time their children reach at 6 years or more; the need to save for college fees comes in along with the need to save for their own retirement.

Now, all of a sudden, they wake up and feel that their liabilities are full of mortgage debt and credit-card debt.

The couple, who is now in their late 30s, has got trapped in a cycle that is called ‘Rat Race’ for the rest of their working days. They now work for the employers and also for the government so to pay taxes, and for the bank also to pay off liabilities on credit cards.

Now a Financial agency calls them and says that their home value has got appreciated in market so the agency can offer a collateral loan on their house. Because their credit rating is very good, the agency says them the wise thing is to clear off the high-interest Credit Card debt and also they will get tax deduction on the interest. The couple opts for this proposal and pay off all of credit cards bills. They feel relaxed unknowingly that now an unsecured loan has converted into a secured loan.

Now suddenly a recession comes into and thousands of people have gone jobless including them. In absence of finances to pay debts, now they get forced to sell their loved belongings such as house, cars etc. at a much lower price. The same happy couple now feels cheated and put blame on the situations.

Even having gone through so much pain in their lives, the couple advises to their own child to study hard, get good marks, and find a secure job. During this entire course they learnt nothing about properties of money. This process repeats into another hard-working generation, which is referred as `Rat Race’.

The only way to get out of the “Rat Race” is to get financially educated. So start walking on the path of learning the teachings of billionaires that enables you to make a difference between having money versus having money-making- machine.



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